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The most secure Digital
Assets Backup System

Built on Decentralized network inspired from the vast loop holes in the
cryptograph technology We protect your wallet system goods & assets according.


Highly Secured

Built on top of the most recent technologies, QFS is highly secure and safe for digital asset storage and backup.

Easily Managable

Based on the core concept of simplicity, QFS user interface is very simplet to operate and manage.

All Asets In One Place

We support most major digital assets, and you can have all your assets in place for ease of access.

How does this App Work?

Backing up your digital assets has never been any easier. Securely backup your digital assets with by following these simple steps.

Create Your Account

Create a new account from the sign up page with your correct details.

Create New Wallet

Verify your account, and create a new wallet to backup with.

Backup Assets

Choose any digital asset you wish to backup and secure your assets.

Key Features

Custom Dashboard

QFS has user Dashboard is fully Personalized, and easy to manage.

Major Assets Support

We support all major cryptocurrencies, and we keep adding more asset.

Ease Of Access

There are no complexities in operatiing our wallet. It was made easy fro everyone.

Fast Transactions

We have used the most recent stack in developing our wallet. Your transactions are super fast.

Free Accounts

The processed of setting up account and create a wallet and super easy and fast.

Updates & Security

With our team for professoinal, we update and improve on our tech at interval, to foster great user exoerience.


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